Quality Guarantee

Quality Policy

Our vision is to deliver high-quality products and services on time.


AMSFAB devotes itself to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service or even surpassing customer expectations. The comprehensive quality management carried out by AMSFAB guarantees the stability, high quality and high reliability of processes and products, and promotes continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. To this end, we are committed to:

  • Recruiting customer-oriented employees with both integrity and skills.

  • Listening to customers' voices and providing timely feedback.

  • Encouraging employees to innovate, but ensuring full verification before implementation to ensure doing things right the first time.

  • Implementing total quality management to continuously improve processes and services through the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.


  • As employees play a vital role in quality management execution, AMSFAB only recruits virtuous, honest and righteous professionals and never compromises in terms of talent recruitment standards.

  • Employees should be customer-oriented and responsive, and meet customers’ requirements and expectations in time, thus realizing the quality goals.

  • Quality is the core of all work and services. Quality leadership is emphasized among leaders while quality awareness is highlighted among all employees.

  • Every employee is indispensable to quality management. The procedures and rules must be followed. Prevention should be put first and continuous enhancement is required.

  • Data-driven: The analysis and evaluation of data and information act as the basis of decision-making and actions.

Quality Assurance

Smart Production System: High-quality & Stability

MES smart production

  • EAP system

  • Smart dispatch system

Equipment control

  • Real-time equipment parameter control(FDC)

  • Routine equipment monitoring

  • Preventive equipment maintenance

  • Cross contamination Prevention

Systematic quality management

  • Automated production

  • Early detection of excursion

  • PM management system

  • Online anti-mixing system for key materials

Online key material control

  • Photoresist management system

  • Mask management system

  • Epitaxial anti-mixing system

Process control

  • Recipe management system(RMS)

  • Process stability index statistics control (SPC)

  • Automated exception handling process (OCAP)

  • Production data collection and analysis system

  • MES smart production
  • Equipment control
  • Systematic quality management
  • Online key material control
  • Process control